What A Great Interview With Raywood on Radio Louisiana…

What A Great Interview With Raywood on Radio Louisiana…

We are all looking for that special CD to give someone with alot of meaning. Raywood’s new CD is one of those releases that we feel may be one of your

Raywood - Rays Joint

Raywood – Ray’s Joint front cover

favorites if you listen to it just once. Ray Maturin has been a songwriter and vocalist for 30 years and has an amazing track record that you would remember as an opening band for various names like Stevie B., Kyper, Noel, and many more in the early 80’s and 90’s with a band called X-change. Ray has been through many ups and downs in the music industry….from signing with labels and having to start all over again… to playing with Shimmur and now back songwriting as “Raywood.” And clearly this is one album that will make you say this is “heart-felt songwriting” from a man who loves the ability to sing, and loves to sing for people who enjoy live music. Our favorite tracks on the CD are “Walk By Faith,” “Dirty Ways,” “Be That Man,” & “Louisiana Rain.” We feel if you take the time to click purchase the CD below you will also feel it will be one of the best in your collection. If you have been looking for a “gem” in your CD collection this one is it. Best of luck to this Louisiana Musician and hopefully the best of success on the new CD titled “Ray’s Joint.”

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