Cake Fest 2016 is underway in Lafayette, LA currently being held at The Doubletree on W. Pinhook Rd. in Lafayette, LA. Today we had the pleasure of

Benny Rivera's First Place Cake at Cake Fest Photo by Kaptography

Benny Rivera’s First Place Cake at Cake Fest Photo by Kaptography

meeting Benny Rivera – (Cake Artist & Teacher) also seen on TLC etc, Drew Padalecki – (Teacher & Cake Artist), & Sarah Myers (Teacher & Cake Artist) has been seen on Food Network, MTV Geeks, etc. All three artists are teaching this year at Cake Fest Louisiana 2016. Follow the event on Facebook today by clicking here and here. You can also follow the website and still book a class you may be able to still grab that is not booked yet by by clicking the website here. The event will be the 2nd annual Cake Fest and this year’s theme is “The Freak Show!” The entire 4th floor ballroom is ready for your viewing pleasure. With over 1400 confirmed worldwide many cake artists, cake lovers, and enthusiasts are ready to see what is in store for this year’s creative competition of cakes! Be a part of the fun with this years event being opened to vendors and an amazing cake exhibit starting at 10am on Saturday at The Doubletree Hotel Ballroom area & also on Sunday for viewing and tasting! Poupart’s Bakery & The Funk Soul Cookers will also be on hand with food to enjoy! Do not miss this year’s Cake Fest Louisiana. *Tickets at the door are $15 single day & $20 weekend pass available at the entrance on the 4th floor. Click below and enjoy an interview with three cake artists from Ohio, Texas, and Puerto Rico as they have fun explaining the show.