Today we had the chance to talk about a great band that has toured across America in various bands starting as “Motorhome” in the Denver area then

Artwork on the new album by Matt Thornton

Artwork on the new album by Matt Thornton

traveling to Louisiana and making things even more interesting with adding the styles and various influences of well faceted drummer Dave “Papa-Puff” Nezat,” The inventive well rounded guitar playing of Justin Lewis, The bass playing of Pro Skateboarder Shannon May, and of course the unique vocal style of Matt Thornton. The band is now on their second album and this one is packed with action especially if you are on a drive around the Country this should be your next album in the collection. So many infuences from Hank WIlliams all the way to Dinosaur Jr. with controversial tracks like “Guns” and great anthology tracks like “Cow.” And there are still 20 more tracks to listen to. One of our favorites personally are “Guns” as well as “Derby” we feel the album is a complete reason to be proud of being American…and if you own the flag you should consider making a purchase of the new album. Don’t miss the CD Release show Friday May 27, 2016 at The Feed N Seed in Lafayette, LA click here to view the event. The band will also have The Sour Sedans on stage with them so get readyfor a great night with great Louisiana music.

Yes you will hear tracks from the new Doublewide album in rotation on

Purchase the new album by clicking here on the Doublewide Website 

We greatly appreciate the time we were able to spend with lead singer and guitarist Matt Thornton. Click below to listen to the interview and also listen to some tracks from the new album and learn about the value of this band in a complete hour and a half interview with