Actual Photo Sent to the Zello App Online.

Civilian volunteers with what has now become known as the “Cajun Navy” are showing a sense of organization in a state of crisis. The App “Zello” has  proven to be an effective means of communication for civilian responders and volunteers. Zello is a free app That was used in the great flood of 2016 in Louisiana. Volunteers immediately sprung into action at the first sign of trouble. Almost instantly dispatch centers began to pop up, and the volunteers started heading into harms way to help their neighbors. After downloading the App and listening in to communications for about 10 minutes; the gravity of the search and rescue efforts began to sink in. There is no way of knowing just how many volunteers are in the action. The reports of injuries and those stranded number in the thousands. Emergency situations that are life threatening are being directed to the United States Coast Gard. Texas has activated all 12,000 members of its National Guard to aid in search and rescue efforts. – Jordan LaSalle