Autumn Wild Keeps Cajun Tradition Alive With Their New Album Dedicated to D. L. Menard…

Autumn Wild Keeps Cajun Tradition Alive With Their New Album Dedicated to D. L. Menard…

Autumn Wild’s new CD is dedicated to their late grandfather, the legendary Cajun musician, D.L. Menard. This record honors him and is a token of their love for him and the gift he’s passed down. “Papop” (D.L.) passed his musical talent on to their dad, Larry Menard, who together with their mom Lenora, raised 6 musical children of their own. They always had instruments around the house and invested in music lessons for each of them, as they saw the value in music as a creative outlet, an exercise in discipline, and a beautiful medium to bring people together.

The three girls specifically began harmonizing together when they were young and turned every jingle, Christmas carol, and church chorus into an opportunity to perfect their blend.

The album includes three songs written by their grandfather (one sung by their dad), two originals, “Legacy (Pop’s Song)”, written by Danae and “C’est La Vie”, written by Victoria, and other songs they grew up listening to. Their amazing voices and versatility will sometimes mesmerize you and sometimes make you want to tap your feet, dance and sing along. One thing is certain; you’ll absolutely fall in love with Autumn Wild.
They are so very proud to carry on their Papop’s musical legacy and sincerely hope you enjoy the music!

We are happy to own this great New CD from Autumn Wild. We will be rotating the CD in rotation on Radio Louisiana. Get The Radio Louisiana app by searching for it on your favorite app store. Buy the new CD by visiting the link here >

Plan For New Years Eve 2018! Find Fireworks At These Local Locations in Lafayette, Broussard, & Youngsville, LA…

Plan For New Years Eve 2018! Find Fireworks At These Local Locations in Lafayette, Broussard, & Youngsville, LA…

Every year we go out in search of fireworks in Acadiana for New Years Eve! We are always

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happy to meet up with one local firework retailer that always supports Live And Local. “Louisiana’s Extreme Fireworks.” This local business has now FIVE local locations in Acadiana. (address listed by clicking here)

We always start off at the Verot School Rd. location doing some demonstration blast offs with some of the employees from Louisiana’s Extreme Fireworks. Follow them on their Facebook page here. The Verot School road location is located at 3319 Verot School Rd, on the way to Route 92 in Youngsville, LA.

During the week we were able to visit all five locations in Acadiana. We were impressed at their wide range and selection of Artillery shells, Artillery shell cannon holders, and various children’s packaged fireworks at affordable prices. Click the website below to support 5 local Fireworks stands in the Acadiana area.

By clicking you will find the locations in Broussard, Lafayette, & Youngsville, LA (you can als click the links below to go straight to the location map from their website. Support this great seasonal local event business…they have supported the Live And Local goal since day one. Louisiana’s Extreme Fireworks is a locally owned firework business. Which means they are actually owned by someone who lives in the Acadiana. Feel free to follow them on Facebook by clicking below and start getting Extreme.

5 Locations Locally in Acadiana: Click this link to view

Lafayette, LA – 3319 Verot School Rd. Lafayette, LA 70508 – Click Here

Lafayette, LA – 800 E. Broussard Rd. Lafayette, LA 70508 – Click Here

Youngsville, LA – 415 Iberia Street Next To Post Office in Youngsville, LA

Broussard, LA – 1214 Albertson’s Parkway Shopping Center

Youngsville, LA – 1505 Bonin Rd. Youngsville, LA

Black Pot Camp Keeps Traditional Music Alive

Black Pot Camp Keeps Traditional Music Alive

This week long camp out started Monday October 23, and rolls all the way till Noon on the 27th. From there the “Camp” turns into Festival mode; setting up at Vermilionville for live entertainment and a cook off over the weekend.

After witnessing a group of very eclectic music lovers from all walks of life in one place, enjoying each other’s company and music; I have a newfound appreciation for what it means to be “Cajun

After arriving Tuesday night after the sun went down, we found our way to the Barn Dance. Along the way in the brisk air, the sweet sounds of various styles of music could be heard from the many impromptu jam sessions. Upon arriving at the Barn Dance where an incredible swing band was playing, the good times began to roll. One showman after another graced the stage and no one disappointed. Artist from across the country jumped right up to share their gift. Later that night diversity struck once again. Passing by the laundry room was a sound that was hard to ignore. As we got closer, we noticed a good old fashioned Square Dance. It was like stepping back in time. To paint the picture; when we opened the door was a young man standing on top of a washing machine accompanied by a 5 piece band. The sounds of Banjo, Twin Fiddles, Upright Bass, and Acoustic Guitar were very easy on the ears. This room was filled with joy.

During the day, We traveled the campground following the sound of music. Witnessing classes on various traditional instruments and music history. Truly a multi generational environment we saw folks from 8 all the way up to 89. Some learning a new instrument for the first time, and some carrying on the traditions that were passed on them. Everywhere you looked there was example after example of people loving people.

We truly enjoyed the sights and sounds. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who loves music and the outdoors. The staff at Lakeview Park was world class. It’s not too late to get on on the action, go check them out at Vermilionville all weekend. For more details checkout:

For Radio Louisiana: Jordan LaSalle

RIP To The Master: Fats Domino…

RIP To The Master: Fats Domino…

We are deeply saddened by the passing of the great Fats Domino. His music and his great soulful sound behind the piano will forever live on in some of the greatest music we will ever hear. You will truly always live on in the frequency of awesomeness on Radio Louisiana.

Vegas shooting survivor sues hotel, festival organizer, ‘bump stock’ maker, Paddock estate

Vegas shooting survivor sues hotel, festival organizer, ‘bump stock’ maker, Paddock estate

Paige Gasper came close to becoming one of gunman Stephen Paddock’s victims when he shot into a crowd of 22,000 at a Las Vegas country music festival headlined by Jason Aldean last week.

Fifty-eight people were killed in the massacre, and hundreds, like Gasper, were wounded.

Luckily, the 21-year-old Sonoma State University student beat death in the nation’s worst mass shooting in modern history with the aid of Good Samaritans who pulled her incapacitated body into a pickup truck and transported her to a hospital.

Now, Gasper, of Wheatland, California, is suing the hotel, the concert organizers, bump stock manufacturers and retailers as well as the “Estate of Stephen Paddock” for “negligence” in failing to prevent Paddock’s 11-minute terrorizing rampage.

She filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Clark County, Nevada.

Gasper’s lawsuit alleges MGM Resorts International and its subsidiary Mandalay Corp., which own the hotel, and failed to properly monitor Paddock’s activities and responded too late to the shooting of a hotel security officer. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Paddock fired at the security officer six minutes before opening fire on the crowd below.

The lawsuit also accuses Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., the festival organizer, and unnamed event promotion companies of negligence for failing to provide adequate exits for festival-goers. The lawsuit also alleges Live Nation was negligent for improperly training staff for an emergency.

Another defendant named in the suit is Slide Fire Solutions, the maker of bump stock devices that Las Vegas officials claims were used by Paddock, of negligence, design and manufacturing defects.

At a press conference Wednesday, one of Gasper’s attorneys, Michelle Tuegel, said the lawsuit was filed in order get “action and answers.”

Also present was Gasper’s mother Heather Selken who explained the impetus for the lawsuit: “[We] want things put in place so this won’t happen to you or your family,” she said.

MGM Resorts spokeswoman Debra DeShong responded to the lawsuit in a statement to ABC News, and said, “As our company and city work through the healing process, our primary focus and concern is taking actions to support the victims and their families, our guests and employees and cooperating with law enforcement … Out of respect for the victims we are not going to try this case in the public domain and we will give our response through the appropriate legal channels.”

A Live Nation rep said in a statement to ABC News that the company is “heartbroken” for the victims and their families and it is working with the FBI but it is “unable to comment specifically on pending litigation.”

Messages left by ABC News for Slide Fire were not immediately returned.

And messages left by ABC News for an attorney representing Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, have also not been returned.

It is unclear if Paddock’s family has retained an attorney.

As Paddock, the 64-year-old retired accountant and video poker playing high-roller was in his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino making preparations for the shooting on the night of Oct. 1, Gasper was taking in the third day of the Route 91 Harvest Festival in the Las Vegas Village.

For 11 minutes, Paddock, after busting through two windows, showered the staging grounds with volleys of bullets, police have confirmed.

One bullet, according to the lawsuit, “believed to be from the weapon of Paddock” struck Gasper by entering her right underarm then “traversed right breast tissue, shattered ribs and lacerated her liver before exiting out her right side.”

After suffering the bullet wound, Gasper, the lawsuit adds, “was rendered physically incapacitated as a result of her injuries” and inadvertently trampled by friends and escaping crowds of people “as they tried to flee the concert venue.”

Fortunately, Gasper was aided to safety by numerous Good Samaritans.

One, the lawsuit notes, “helped her take cover behind a metal trash dumpster.” Another was led into the street to get out of the staging grounds and a third lifted Gasper amongst other injured concertgoers into the truck where she was delivered to the Spring Valley Hospital.

Tragically, Gasper was the only person in the pickup truck to pull through, the lawsuit claims.

Bump Stock Makers and Dealers

The lawsuit claims that Moran, Texas-based Slide Fire Solutions LP and other unnamed bump stock dealers and makers, referred to in Gasper’s lawsuit as “Doe Manufacturers” and “Roe Retailers,” had a hand in the murderous act committed by Paddock.

Officials say the Las Vegas gunman had two “bump-stocks” that could have converted semi-automatic firearms into fully automatic ones.

The lawsuit claims that bump stock or bump fire devices “contributed to Paddock’s commission of the mass shooting.”

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

MGM and Mandalay Corp., the parent companies of the hotel where Paddock stayed, were accused of failing to train their personnel or supervise them “adequately.” In addition, the lawsuit alleges that the companies failed to monitor the hotel premises for the shooter’s delivery of guns and ammunition to his hotel room or monitor closed circuit television (CCTV) while Paddock planted video devices.

The police have confirmed that Paddock planted one video device in his hotel room peephole, and a second device was concealed in a Mandalay Bay food service cart left by Paddock in the hallway outside his room.

The cameras, according to the lawsuit, were used “to keep an eye on and to attempt to thwart law enforcement.”

That echoed Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo’s previous comments to reporters that the cameras were there to who could see “anybody coming to take him into custody.”

The lawsuit also accused the hotel security of “failing to timely respond or otherwise act upon Paddock’s shooting of Mandalay Bay Security Officers Jesus Campos…”

Campos, the lawsuit suggests, “was shot six minutes prior to Paddock’s commencement of shooting towards the concert venue.”

Sheriff Lombardo revised the timeline of the shooting during a press conference Monday, telling reporters, “What we have learned is Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world.”

The lawsuit comes days after LVMPD Police Chief came out supporting the hotel security’s handling of the shooting.

“The Mandalay Bay security was fantastic,” Sheriff Lombardo last Tuesday. “I don’t want anyone to think that it’s not safe to stay at one of our hotels.”

Attempts by ABC News to get a response from the LVMPD were unsuccessful.

No Exits
The lawsuit accuses Live Nation, who were the promoters of the three-day country music concert and other unnamed promoters of making the Las Vegas Village unsafe.

The lawsuit claims that Live Nation “breached their duty” by “failing to design, build and mark adequate exits in case of emergency.” The lawsuit also accuses the concert promoters of “failing to properly train and supervise employees in an appropriate plan of action in case of emergency.”

The company refused to comment about pending litigation.

Source: ABC News – Click Here